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The Mindset Chronicles

Truitt's literary venture into The MindSet Chronicles series began with "The Deletion," a rapid ascent to best-seller status and recipient of the 2023 Book Fest Golden Award. The sequel, "The Spill," introduces Atom, a mysterious alien girl, whose presence throws the world into disarray. Bethany Okoyé's involvement and protection of the girl disrupts the once-unbreakable bonds of the MindSet network, shattering relationships and pushing the notion of Crowd Wisdom to its very limits. 

The narrative unfolds as an emotional odyssey, exploring the intricate threads that bind humanity's existence to the cosmos. Bethany's journey becomes a profound exploration of love and sacrifice, while Peter Eriksson, the mastermind behind MindSet, grapples with haunting shadows of doubt, as he comes to regret his invention. As the world hurtles toward a destiny shaped by incomprehensible forces, "The Spill" reveals the unraveling of the ties that once bound humanity to the unity promised by MindSet, and leaves you with a mind-boggling cliffhanger, setting you up for the third installment! 

The Spill

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