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Every now and then I turn up on a show...

Enterprise Season 3, Episode 21: "E2"

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Starting in 1996, I began begging Ron Surma, the casting person for Star Trek television series at the time, to just let me have a line. Any line, I didn't care, I just wanted to be a part of Star Trek. At the time I was a local news reporter, so I had a small amount of notoriety (locally) and I knew Ron knew of me. It took almost seven

seven years of writing him about 5 times a year but

he finally called me and said "Alright already, get in

here!" I was so excited! I was given a line on the

show "Enterprise" with Scott Bacula. Roxann Dawson

(B'Elanna Torres) from ST:Voyager was the director. I also

met and worked with the very cool actor David Andrews. It was a fantastic day and a dream come true!

That's So Raven! Season 4 Episode 6 : "Hook Up My Space!"

Around the same time that I did Star Trek, I got a call from my hosting agent telling me that they wanted me to play a TV host on That's So Raven! for an episode called "Hook Up My Space!" but that I would have to audition for it. I really wasn't into auditioning, especially for an acting role and I said no. She called me back until I agreed reluctantly. I really wasn't psyched about driving across town to audition for an acting role that I thought I wouldn't even get, so when I got there and they told me to act like Ty Pennington, host of Trading Spaces, (he turned down the role) I figured if I act as hyper, crazy and outrageous as possible, they'll never want to hire me. So I did that and got the job anyway! I actually ended up having a great time - the whole week of rehearsals with the cast was a blast, and I really put everything I had into this silly character that I created. Two weeks after the show aired, I was hosting a science show at a museum and a group of kids came up to me yelling "Hook up my space!" That made the whole experience!


Space Adventures

Buzz Aldrin
Gemini 12
Apollo 11

With my California Space & Technology News team, circa 2006

Telling a joke to the
"Last Man" Gene Cernan

Gemini 9, Apollo 17

Screenshot 2023-02-26 at

Landing the Space Shuttle in the NASA Ames simulator with astronaut Bo Bobko

Teaching space science to the fifth graders at Brentwood Elementary

The Host with the Most

I had a fantastic 15-year career on television, highlighted by hosting news, lifestyle, health, advice, outdoor landscaping and personal motivation shows. I even hosted a show about interpreting your dreams! I was also lucky enough to work with some incredible people including my current Energize! co-host, Anthony McLemore, Mark Steines, Jordan Murphy, Tracy Metro, Garcelle Beuvais, Steve Christianson, Sharon Tay, and a lot of wonderful people at HGTV, Discovery, Nat-Geo, Disco Health and Sony. 


Sony Playstation

Cool Stuff

Savvy Single Dad

Cool Stuff

Cool Stuff

Cool Stuff


Click on my nose and check out my TV Reel from back in the day...

Water Drops
Abstract Surface

My Musical Period

My Debut (and only professional) Album

When I was in college at University of Maryland, I was dumped hard by my first love. I was young and pretty broken up about the whole thing. Most guys put together a mix tape... I wrote and produced an entire album of original music for this girl! I did it mostly to get my feelings out, it was very therapeutic, but I also thought it might win her back. Did it work? No. But I got played on the radio (Tracks 2 and 5). This album is celebrating its 35th anniversary this summer! 

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