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When I was three years old, my mother sat me down in front of the TV and showed me the launch of Apollo 11. "What is that?" I asked my mom. "That's a rocket taking men to the moon." From that moment, to this moment I have been hooked on science, science fiction and the future. 

Throughout my life, I've been an avid space enthusiast, NASA history buff and flown-in-space memorabilia collector. I'm a proud member of the National Space Society and the Planetary Society and boast the impressive fact of having met five moonwalkers!

 From my early days, audiences may recognize me as a Los Angeles TV news anchor and host of such science and technology shows as NatGeo's The Human Edge and Discovery Channel's Cool Stuff: How It Works. I have also hosted Dream Decoders, Ground Rules! and Sony Playstation's annual coverage of the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3).

 Not really an actor, but a ridiculously huge Star Trek fan, I begged the casting director at Paramount studios for years to appear on a show - any show - that had the title Star Trek in front of it. Well, after an ambitious and endless letter-writing campaign, I got my wish and was granted one line on Enterprise (S3; Ep21). Check it out, it's breathtaking. (but don't blink). 

​I am also the co-creator and co-host of "Energize! A Star Trek Podcast", which breaks down episodes of current Star Trek series. Our new season featuring "Lower Decks" launches Sept 7th. 

​As a producer, I co-created and co-produced the popular Discovery series "Born Schizophrenic" which earned me and my team the CINE Foundation's Golden Eagle Award for Excellence in documentary television.

Now a successful coach, trainer and motivational speaker, I was awarded with the Reader Views Prize for Best Motivational Book of the Year, "Stop Waiting For Permission!"

​My first novel, The Deletion examines life in a post-artificial intelligence world where a disconnected society scrambles for a solution. My exploration of a new form of interconnection, MindSet, pits part-time rivals, part-time lovers Bethany Anne Okoyé and Peter Eriksson against each other as the notion of "Crowd Wisdom" is tested to extreme degrees.  

I live in Los Angeles with my wife and four daughters.

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