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The Mindset Chronicles

In this heart-wrenching sequel to The Deletion, the world is thrown into disarray as Atom, the mysterious alien girl, takes center stage. A courageous decision by Bethany Okoyé reverberates across the globe, severing the once-unbreakable bonds of the MindSet network. As humanity grapples with a collective paralysis and the very essence of Crowd Wisdom crumbles, relationships are tested, and global alliances shattered. General Callaway, Elias Overstreet and President Penney navigate the storm of this strange reality, their roles in the unfolding drama under intense scrutiny are far from certain. Meanwhile, in the midst of chaos, Bethany's journey becomes a profound exploration of love, sacrifice, and the intricate threads that bind us to the unknown. Peter Eriksson, the mastermind behind MindSet, faces the haunting shadows of doubt, while the world hurtles toward a destiny shaped by forces that defy comprehension. "The Spill" unfolds as an emotional odyssey, unraveling the ties that once bound humanity to the unity that MindSet promised.


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In a world where artificial intelligence has become an integral part of daily life, the sudden death of all AI sends society into a tailspin – a disconnected, surreal post-AI period known as The Deletion. As the world struggles to come to terms with the loss, bad boy genius, Peter Eriksson, has invented a new form of interconnection called MindSet to reconnect the world in this strange new time.

With action, suspense, and thought-provoking themes, this science fiction novel explores the dangers of our reliance on technology and the possible consequences of a world without it, while also delving into the potential benefits and dangers of a mind-connected society.

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